Cuppacha Bubble Tea

We are bubble tea lover that wanted to bring the most authentic bubble tea in a modern twist to Britain. We want more people to enjoy this delicious bubble tea and the fun of drinking tea in a whole new trendy way.


What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea originated from Taiwan in 1980s. Bubble tea began its rise to international recognition, spreading from Taiwan to other East Asian countries. It then migrated to Australia, Canada and United States. The name of Bubble Tea came from the frothy tea that created from the tea shaker.  The tea is infused with different tea flavour, shaken to create the bubbles and serve in a clear cup with chewy tapioca balls or fruit jelly which you slurp them up through an extra-large straw and chew on them while you’re drinking. 


What make Cuppacha Special?

Unlike other bubble tea chains, we used high quality tea for our bubble tea. Our tea is brewed on site. We never use pre-made tea powder or tea flavouring from factories. We use fresh loose tea leaf to brew tea on site. There area a range of premium teas that we brew them on site as off when customer orders with our tea-presso machine.

Freshly brewed tea has more flavour and fragrance. That’s why Cuppacha is the best tasting bubble tea around.